Exclusive Research

Getting the Most From Your Replatforming Project 

Six best practices for overcoming
the most common obstacles to
a successful replatforming

This Forrester Consulting Thought Leadership Paper commissioned by Monetate identifies the main hurdles in pulling off a replatforming initiative, and offers recommendations based on best practices to ensure you avoid—or at least, mitigate—the tricky parts.

You'll learn:

  • How to sell replatforming to your organization.
  • Which tools /processes to use to pick the right products and models.
  • How to streamline the process for project stakeholders.
  • Which steps you CAN'T skip before website design and development begins.
  • How to right-size expectations around KPIs both during and after the initiative.
  • What you must put in place to ensure you can manage your newly designed website.

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