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The biggest thing we found is that channel consistency works. Continuous experiences start with one channel (paid search, transactional email, social media), and extend the same message/offer over to the website. It’s been proven time and time again to deliver better performance: lower bounce rates, higher add to cart rates, and greater conversion.

Each channel has its strong suits. We analyzed channel performance across devices, looking at things like bounce rate, add-to-cart rate, conversion rate, and AOV to determine which channels on which devices perform the best.

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It covers:
  • Real-world cross-channel examples from Bonobos, Missguided, and others
  • Unique ways to connect external campaigns to your website
  • Industry-wide benchmark stats for Q3 2015
  • More
Missguided boosted conversion rates for the campaigns by 32% and 37% by targeting two different sets of customers off query string parameters and using two different sets of banner ads at the top of its site.

Bonobos’ new brick-and-mortar “guideshop” concept helps customers try before they buy. So, when they opened a new guideshop in New York City, Bonobos ran a retargeting campaign to visitors from the Big Apple letting them know they could book an appointment to get some wardrobe tips.

Though Bonobos’ main goal of the campaign was to get customers booking appointments and visiting the guideshop, they ended up with something even nicer: Their conversion rate on the campaign beat the ecommerce industry’s Q3 average by 146%.